How to get any girl you want in high school

What does it mean to be able to get girls in high school?

how to get any girl you want in high school

What are the skills that set the cool people apart from the ones who aren’t?
In high school being popular can become everything and take over your life. I know people who literally allowed their grades to slip just so they could become part of the popular “cool” crowd.

What it really comes down to is who you know. The best way to really dominate a social circle and become popular is to build the connections with people and the good friendships. When you have the fun friendships with the right people it is downhill from there. Unfortunately this isn’t the kind of thing that changes overnight. A ton of the ones that are built are ones that have been around since the people went to school together.

So what is the best way to do this?

The best way to make friends with the popular kids is bringing something to the table. Something that sets you apart from all the other people. You need to be a good time, no one wants to hang out with someone that is boring or takes away from the conversation.

How to get any girl you want in high school

By being friendly it allows you to be more open to people and they will often gravitate towards you. All this advice might be a bit intimidating because you’re just in high school and don’t really know exactly who you are as a person. But experience will shape you.

There’s a hole in every person’s life. Most assume it’s loneliness and try to fill it with women, OR they assume it’s loneliness and attribute it to their lack of women.

It’s really not. It’s not about women it’s just a hole, people are different and different people require different things to fill this hole. Get a girl to like you in high school.

how to get girls in high school

I don’t feel like my any void is due to women. I think it’s about the person individually, women may be a part of it, as every man has sexual desires and NEEDS. But it’s not the most important goal, it’s not necessarily what guys should aim for. People should lean towards a better them, not towards a better sex life.

How to get a girl friend in high school

And ironically generally everything to do with women can be solved internally, by helping yourself first.

This is a big deal, realise that as fun as it is getting girls, when it comes down to serious business, Getting girls is an end, a result. What people need are the means, not the ends. The means are all about being a better person. Become a better person and you will get girls as a result.

Once you start improving as a person then you might even find that getting girls then becomes a lesser issue for you because you’re so busy trying to be successful it isnt your main priority anymore because you have moved on to other things. It’s a common thing to happen. You might not be at that point yet. But one day you probably will.


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